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Installation Sunday June 4,2017

Pastor Jonathan Norvell

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Jonathan Norvell, Pastoral Candidate for First Baptist Church, Bull Shoals, AR

Personal Information for Jonathan Norvell

Jon is 37 years old and has around seven years’ experience in the ministry of the gospel. Jon and Lydia live in Norphlet, AR. They married in December 2002. God blessed them with three wonderful boys: Caleb – 8, James – 6, and Jackson – 2. The Lord surprised them at James’s birth with the knowledge that he has Down Syndrome. This has been a blessing in disguise, as the Lord has taught them many lessons through him. Jon was licensed to ministry by Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, Waco, TX, in 2002. He was ordained into the ministry by First Baptist Church, Norphlet, AR, in 2010. Other interests: Jon enjoys hunting, shooting, reloading, biking, playing with his boys, reading, and strategy games.


Master of Arts in Military History, Master of Divinity, Bachelor of Science in Education, Social Studies.

Ministry Experience

Jon is Minister of Youth and Education, First Baptist Church, Norphlet, AR (2010-Present). Coordinated all youth ministry activities, including Bible teaching, disciplining students, outreach at the local schools, programming, camps, mission trips, etc. Structured the Christian education efforts of the church, primarily Sunday School but also discipleship training classes for youth and adults. Acted as staff liaison with Missions Committee to develop and implement mission efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. Developed Bible study curriculum for the Liberty Baptist Association Children’s Camp, 2015 and 2016. Preached on a regular basis – filling in for the senior pastor roughly 6-8 times per year. Invested in local youth ministers and performed many other pastoral care activities.


FBC, Norphlet: Under Jon’s ministry, youth ministry grew from 3-5 youth attending on Wednesday nights to 30+. Students became more involved in ministry and missions, growing as disciples of Jesus, and taking important roles in service and ministry in the church. The education aspects of the church grew and changed through a move away from a traditional Sunday evening service that was little-attended to discipleship classes on Sunday evenings that have seen much more attendance and growth. Many adults and students are now engaged in missions. Jon helped build a Family Life Center to grow the church’s ministry to children and youth. Jon currently serves as board member, Beech Springs Camp of Liberty Baptist Association. He assists and advises the camp director to support the ministry of the camp. He also mobilizes resources to improve the camp.

Missions Experience

Jon has considerable missions experience including coordinating trips to Argentina and Honduras. Coordinating trips to many parts of the United States, and serving as a volunteer minister at Rehab Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. He led a weekly worship service at a rehab hospital, preaching each Sunday, while his wife led the gathering in worship. He also visited the patients during the week. Jon served as Summer Missionary in Northwest Indiana. Jon was the preacher on the Youth Revival Team. He served as a summer missionary in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. He performed evangelism through English language lessons and helped establish a new work for Baptists in the city.

Other Work Experience

History Adjunct Professor, Southern Arkansas University Tech, Camden, AR, fall 2016. Jon teaches a United States history course one evening per week. Jon worked as a private Security Officer, City Center Security, Fort Worth, TX. He worked as a part-time security officer while also pursuing his Master of Divinity degree in seminary, then worked full-time following graduation. Jon helped secure public and private buildings in the Fort Worth area. Jon worked as a high school social studies teacher, Waco High School, Waco, TX. He taught World Geography, World History, Government, Economics, Honors World History, and AP Human Geography. He developed district-wide assessments to help students prepare for the state-mandated end-of-year exams.

Jon’s Ministry Objective

“It is my objective to glorify Jesus Christ in my whole life and to lead the local church to do the same. The primary method is the discipleship of believers through the Word of God. I am called to equip the local Church to grow in discipleship through teaching God’s Word and through the development of discipleship relationships with the twin purposes of drawing the Lost to Christ and deepening the relationships of the Saved with Him.”

Ministry Skills and Gifts

“I feel that God has gifted me as a teacher and an administrator/organizer. In addition, I am a skilled communicator. I am willing to take on hard tasks and not give up. I can see a desired vision of the future and break it up into sequential action steps to achieve the vision.”

Doctrinal Belief

“I am in full agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. I believe in the Triune God, eternally Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who saves men and women who put their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and that it is authoritative and infallible.”


“He WILL love you. And tell you the truth. And lead you to accomplish God’s will for your congregation. I have no doubt of that if God calls him there (Doug Wills, Pastor, FBC, Norphlet, AR).

“I believe Jon will make a great pastor and Lydia is a great asset to him and will be to a church. I can strongly recommend them” (Jeff Laster, Minister for Administration, Wedgewood Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX).

Jon is loyal to the church and the people in it; he is also a source of unity in the church.

Jon has strong ideas and is a good planner. He is a visionary who understands what a church is supposed to be.

Jon’s greatest strengths are his vision, his ability to apply Biblical wisdom to situations, and his good temperament.

Letter from the Pastor

Welcome to First Baptist Church.  It is with great pleasure that I on behalf of our entire congregation welcome you to the Family of First Baptist Church Bull Shoals. Arkansas.

Over the years, God has knit together a fellowship of His own unique design with Scriptural standards that reflect His character in our lives. lt is our desire to encourage folks in the things pertaining to Godliness. The New Testament speaks of the church as a group of committed persons.

Individuals who have experienced new life and fellowship with Jesus Christ actually become a community of persons. This is the primary meaning of the "body of Christ." The principle of unity is an essenitial element of the church which finds its unity in Christ, who is the Head of the Church. "We are members one of another....because we are members of His body." There is no greater blessing among the families of this earth than the blessings of fellowship together in Jesus Christ. "From a humble beginning to a glorious future" could very well describe a glimpse into the history of our church.The First Baptist Church of Bull Shoals began as a Mission of the First Baptist Church of Flippin. The first Sunday in November of 1959, the very first service was held in a wood working shop/garage. Two years later ground breaking services were held and construction of the present building was begun. On March 12th, 1961, the congregation moved into the building and the people of rhe First Baptist Church had a building in which to greet and worship. Over the years improvements on the building have been made and it now reflects in its appearance the honor and love of people for their God. September 28th, 1975, is a special day in the life of our congregation. It was on that day that Bull Shoals Baptist Mission was constituted into the First Baptist Church of Bull Shoals. As we continue in fellowship together and as we grow for the glory and honor of the Lord we shall always remember that "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that bui!d it."

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